a new beginning.

AX was able to annihilate the whole army. However, the leader, Caterina Sforza, offers the third unit of HC series, Tres Iqus, the liberty to choose either to die or to live on as a human.

Caterina: Make your decision here, HC-IIIX. Your whole series have had been annihilated. Soon, your life support system will stop as well. In other words, you'll die.
I'll respect your decision.
Do you want to die? Or would you rather continue to live on as a human?
Living as... a human? Impossible. I was born as a machine. There's no way... I could live as a human. I would rather be dissolved as a machine.
Caterina: If that's the case, then listen to me. HC-IIIX. I'll treat you as a machine, as you wish. From now on... you belong to me.
You may live on as a machine as you desire to. However, every drop of oil that runs in your body, and every bits of your storage cells---they all belong to me.
Thus, I won't let you break without my permission.

This moment which is the beginning of his participation in AX is forever carved in Tres's steel heart. It is stored in his memory with the highest level of priority.


mission accomplished.

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