the killing dolls.

HC (Homo Caedelius) series were machine-powered infantry cyborgs invented by Bishop Gepetto Gulliverdy, who aimed to create the strongest, special troops with extraordinary skills.

The first ten test-type units were launched and criticized for being brute and inhuman. The production was then stopped immediately.

The responsible bishop who was to be isolated, commanded the killing dolls for a rebellion to take over St. Angelo. He shot himself after showing off the superiority of his own invention.

the infantryman.

An interesting fact about these killing dolls are that they are named after numbers starting from 1 to 10 in various languages, including Italian, German, and Latin.

  1. Uno
  2. Due
  3. Tres
  4. Quattro
  5. Cinq
  6. Sechs
  7. Sette
  8. Okta
  9. Nove
  10. Dieci

The only ones who appeared in the series are Due and, obviously, Tres. Since Tres identified Due as "Homo Caedelius Due Iqus", I think it's safe to assumpt that the other cyborgs' names were also ended with Iqus (HC-numberX). As for why there is a use of X in their names, I have no idea. Might be caused by their being test-types with the exact same skills and capabilities.

mission accomplished.

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