collecting data: tres iqus.

Rejoice! This is the shrine ( or mini-shrine, if you consider it not big enough to be one :P ) portion of the website This section aims to give you a brief image of this gunslinger and his world, as well as expressing my thoughts regarding Tres and whatnot.

  • trinity blood. regarding the franchise.
  • homo caedelius. about the HC-series.
  • a new beginning. a memory that cannot be forgotten.
  • i, robot? personality traits.

  • like a brother, or shantei? abel nightlord.
  • i wanna be your dog. caterina sforza
  • esther blanchett. the new sister.

  • the doll's nose. a trivial muse.
  • machine. for he is no human.
  • hound. the symbolism?

mission accomplished.

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